Hello, I'm Gerald Arndt and

I support Filipino Nurses to expand their career in Germany

For many years I have been supporting Filipino nurses who want to make a career in the German labor market. If you also want to make more out of your stay in Germany or if you just need some good advice, please contact me. Let’s do this together!

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I am Gerald Arndt

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What we can do for you.

With our powerful professional network, we have already helped over 100 nurses. Thanks to our support, they now work in the best hospitals. They have all settled in perfectly in Germany and enjoy many advantages: Great working conditions, above average pay and the unconditional support of „Philippine Nurses in Germany“.

You too can become part of our network. Together we are „Philippine Nurses in Germany“.

We not only help you to find a job, but we also support you with:

  • the termination of your current employment contract
  • finding an apartment near your new workplace
  • the wage negotiations with your new employer
  • and in all areas where you need support

Philippine Nurses in Germany is your full-service network. Contact us and we will support you in all areas of your working life in Germany.

Don’t hesitate and just get back to me. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

You are looking for a new job?
  • We know a lot of vacancies
  • We’ll get you the best pay
  • We work with the best hospitals in the most beautiful cities in Germany
  • We network you with the nicest colleagues
  • We support you personally
You need help with your contracts?
  • We’ll get you out of your gag contract.
  • We’ll explain the fine print.
  • We translate the contract texts for you.
  • We advise you honestly, openly and transparently.
  • We’ll make sure you put your signature in the right place
Are you looking for a new apartment?
  • We will help you to find an apartment
  • We know the best residential areas near your workplace
  • We introduce you to your Filipino neighbors
  • We know the funniest Filipino roommates
  • We help you with the lease
You want to integrate better in Germany?
  • We know the best language offers
  • We’ll get you in touch with friendly German nurses
  • We support you in the organization of your free time
  • We’ll tell you what makes the Germans tick
  • We’ll help you if you get stuck

Seize the opportunity! Make something of your future!

Your dream job awaits you in Düsseldorf, Mannheim or Duisburg.

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Hi, I am Gerald Arndt.

Let’s get to know each other.

I like meeting new people. For me, it's the basis of a successful network. Here you can get a first impression of who I am and what I do

That's me

Gerald Arndt from Mannheim

My name is Gerald Arndt and I'm from Mannheim in the south of Germany. Here I grew up and here I live with my family. For many years I lived in my second home Düsseldorf, where I am still often on the road professionally. Some years I also spent in the Philippines, the home country of my mother. My goal is to bring Filipinos and Germans together, because these two cultures fit together wonderfully.

Join us!

Become a part of "Philippine Nurses in Germany"

I have founded the network "Philippine Nurses in Germany" to help you get a foothold here.

It is my wish that you reach your professional goals here in Germany and that you feel completely comfortable. My German home country has very good clinics and great doctors, but what is missing are good nurses - those like you. However, the way to your dream job is not always easy. That's why our network exists!

So if you are looking for a new job in Germany, if you would like to get to know a new city and meet new colleagues from home, then get in touch.

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Become a part of „Philippine Nurses in Germany“

In this video you will get to know me and my hometown Mannheim. Maybe your new dream job awaits you here!

Now that you know me better, I want to get to know you, too.

Seize the opportunity! Make something of your future! Your dream job awaits you!

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Together we can do this!

Are you ready for your next career step?

These jobs are waiting for you. Take a look around and let me know if there's something for you.

Nurse for Intensive Care (3 Jobs)
Nurse for cardiology (1 Job)
Nurse for Gynecology (1 Job)
Nurse for vascular surgery (3 Jobs)
Nurse for newborn care
Philippine Nurses in Germany: Our Network

Wonderful Memories

Here you can get an impression of the work and life in our community. We meet regularly at our locations and spend a good time among friends. Have a look at our new blog!

You want to be a part of our family and help your career?

We are happy about every new member in our network!

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Some frequently asked questions

What kind of jobs you got on offer?

At the moment we are urgently looking for nurses for the areas of Intensive Care, Cardiology, Gynecology, Vascular Surgery and Newborn Care. However, we receive new job offers from our partner clinics from all over Germany every day. No matter what your main focus of work is, just get in touch with us. We will find the right job for you.

What are my earning opportunities?

The salary depends on how much work experience you have and where you would like to work next. We promise you absolute transparency. You will earn exactly the same as your German colleagues and you will find out in advance how much money that will be. So get in touch so that we can send you more detailed information.

In which cities are you active?

We have been working closely with the clinics in Mannheim, Düsseldorf and Duisburg for years. Our network is constantly growing and new locations are constantly being added. Contact us and we will keep you informed about new partner locations.

Can I get a non-binding consultation with you?

Sure – we also arrange jobs, but first and foremost we see ourselves as a network for Philippine Nurses in Germany. We help and advise wherever we can. Just write to us and ask us anything that is on your mind. We do everything to help you with words and deeds.

How do I become a member of Philippine Nurses in Germany?

That is easy! Come to Facebook and like our page. If you always want to be informed about new job opportunities, just write to us and send us your CV. We will contact you as soon as we have a suitable job for you. Of course you can also network with us just like that.